GlobalSeaweedSTAR offers financial support for capacity building activities, and research and innovation, that will strengthen the seaweed industry in developing countries or the UK.

Learn more about current funding opportunities and what we have achieved below.

Capacity Building Fund

The GlobalSeaweedSTAR Capacity Building Fund aims to support the sustainable development of the global seaweed industry by strengthening the skills and knowledge of those who contribute to it.

We welcome applications from eligible individuals who are (or will be) actively engaged in the seaweed industry and reside in the UK or a DAC-listed country. Applicants may include researchers, registered students, seaweed producers, stakeholder representatives and policymakers.

Applicants may apply for funding to participate in capacity building activities that are:

  • Specific to the industry (e.g. a seaweed-related workshop or conference); or
  • General (e.g. training related to data analysis, management practices or grant writing), if the applicant can demonstrate how this will benefit their career development in the seaweed industry and/or research.

Funding is available in three award categories: Travel, Online Events and Online Courses. Each is outlined in the table below.

Award category Travel Online Events Online Courses
Eligible activities In-person capacity building activities that require travel to attend (for example, conferences, in-person courses and research visits) Online capacity building events (e.g. conferences, webinars, workshops). Online short courses offering a certificate of completion.
Maximum value £2000 £1000 £1000
Eligible expenses Economy-class travel, subsistence, visas, registration, examination and certificate fees Registration fees Registration, examination and certificate fees
Application deadline 8 weeks before travel 4 weeks before event 4 weeks before course

For more detailed information on whether you are eligible to apply, what activities we will fund and how to apply, please refer to the applicant guidelines:


Please ensure you are also familiar with the Capacity Building Fund expense policy, which details eligible expenses and the reimbursement process, before applying.

Applicants should note that funding will not be backdated. Any payments, including registration fees, made before an official award letter is issued will not be reimbursed.


To apply, download a copy of the application form and return it completed, with your CV and supporting documents, to



Applicants who intend to submit an abstract for the 12th International Phycological Congress (IPC2021) should apply to the Capacity Building Fund no later than November 22, 2020.

Applicants who wish to attend IPC2021, but not present, should apply to the Fund no later than February 22, 2021.

Research & Innovation Fund

The GlobalSeaweedSTAR Research & Innovation is not accepting any new applications. We are currently updating our online content about past and current awardees. In the meantime, please direct any queries regarding the Research & Innovation Fund to Thank you for your patience.