The GCRF GlobalSeaweedSTAR Fund will enable rapid reactivity to emerging crises & foster further international cooperation related to the seaweed industry. The Fund will be managed by Ms Sarah Forgrieve and coordinated by the Executive Group, plus a member of the Advisory Board.

Applicants based either in a developing country or in the UK who are involved in work that will build capacity or strengthen the seaweed industry in DAC-list countries are eligible to apply.

The Research and Innovation Fund will support a multidisciplinary portfolio of seaweed-related research projects (£5,000-50,000 each) that are:

The Travel Fund will award grants (max £2,000 each) to encourage participation of residents in UK and DAC-list countries to participate in activities that support the GlobalSeaweedSTAR objectives, including;

  • GlobalSeaweedSTAR Sharing Best Practice events to be held in the Philippines, Tanzania and Malaysia
  • Seaweed-related national and international conferences
  • Training events and staff exchange

Applications will be selected solely on their merit and expected impact. Research and Innovation grants will be closely monitored through completion reports detailing initiatives undertaken, presentations, outreach and publications by the grant holder. Travel grants will be monitored by submission of a report and a certificate of conference attendance, if applicable. All reports will be published and openly accessible on this website.