The remit of the Advisory Board will be to: (i) review standards across the entire Programme; (ii) review strategy and advise where necessary; (iii) recommend activities to enhance strategic research and skills training.

Members of this Board will include:

Dr Ruth Garcia Gomez Secretariat of Pacific Community
Dr Garcia Gomez is from Madrid, Spain. She graduated in Veterinary Science-Animal Husbandry from the University Complutense of Madrid, Spain, with a specialisation in Aquaculture Science. She coursed her PhD in the Veterinary Science Branch-Aquatic Animal Health Department from the same University. She obtained a Masters degree in International Development Strategies, Agents and Policies from the Basque Country University of HEGOA, in 2006.

Since 2001, she has been working in a number of countries in Africa (Uganda, RDC), Asia (Vietnam and Cambodia), the Maghreb (Morocco and Egypt), Latin America (Ecuador and Colombia) and Europe (Spain and France), being involved in aquaculture production, aquatic animal health, aquatic biosecurity and aquatic genetic resources management, both in cooperation for development and research projects.

Before joining SPC, she worked as Aquaculture Officer within the Aquaculture Section of the FAO Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture. She was responsible for the provision of technical assistance to a number of countries regarding aquaculture farming systems, aquatic biodiversity management and the development and implementation of aquaculture action plans and better management practices.

Prof Gill Malin President British Phycological Society
Prof Malin is currently a Reader in Biological Oceanography, School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia. Beyond UEA, she is President Elect for the British Phycological Society and a member of the Phycological Society of America Grants and Awards Committee. My interests in the sustainable production and exploitation of seaweeds and microalgae are reflected in chairing the British Phycological Society Algal Applications Committee and being an active participant in the NERC and Technology Strategy Board Algal Bioenergy Special Interest Group.
Prof Malcolm Beveridge FAO
Prof Beveridge is Acting Branch Head for the FAO Aquaculture Branch, which is responsible for programmes and activities related to development and management of marine, coastal and inland aquaculture, with a special emphasis on technical, socio-economic and environmental aspects.