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Our vision for the GCRF GlobalSeaweedSTAR programme is to grow the research and innovation capability of developing countries engaged in seaweed farming. This programme is a multi-disciplinary, 4-year, challenge-led, strategic programme in collaboration, primarily with the Philippines, Indonesia and Tanzania. We will provide practical solutions and long term capacity building to many other seaweed producing developing countries through the GCRF GlobalSeaweedSTAR Fund, thus ensuring the sustainable economic growth of this global industry.

Worldwide, seaweed farming provides income to millions of families in rural coastal communities and provides a source of food. The industry has also enabled women to become economically active in areas where few opportunities exist.

Dr Elizabeth Cottier-Cook, Programme Leader, SAMS

But, many seaweeds grown in developing countries are intentionally introduced from other parts of the world and they can bring with them a whole host of pests and disease, which go on to have wider environmental consequences.

Dr Elizabeth Cottier-Cook, Programme Leader, SAMS

We want to train people from seaweed-producing developing nations in how to identify disease, support their efforts in breeding better crops and help shape national and international legislations to improve biosecurity. In turn, we hope that the exchange of information and sharing of best practices on breeding and cultivation techniques will benefit a truly global industry.

Dr Elizabeth Cottier-Cook, Programme Leader, SAMS

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